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RevCys is the leading revenue cycle firm in the healthcare marketplace that offers a comprehensive assessment of revenue cycle functions from patient access through to billing and reimbursement. Our greatest strength is working with providers within their existing infrastructure to customize solutions that offer the best return on investment. This also ensures long lasting process improvements and enduring results.

Our unique approach to creating solutions allows us to assist in implementing our recommendations concurrent with our assessment so you can see the returns almost immediately. So while others may provide you cookie cutter solutions that may be inconsistent with your vision and goals, we work with your staff to make change happen from within. This allows your staff to retain ownership of the processes which goes a long way in the success of our projects.


DHHS issues Special Advisory: Independent Charity Patient Assistance Programs

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) recently issued a Supplemental Special Advisory Bulletin concerning Independent Charity Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs). PAPs have long assisted many patients who cannot afford their cost-sharing obligations for prescription drugs. The OIG notice recognizes that independent charities can help financially needy beneficiaries with their health care expenses, and notes that pharmaceutical manufacturers can donate to these charities. The OIG states in the Supplemental Bulletin that a charity with narrowly defined disease funds may be subject to enhanced scrutiny if the disease funds result in funding “exclusively or primarily the products of donors or if other facts and circumstances suggest that the disease fund is operated to induce the purchase of donors’ products.”

RAC program update: CMS appoints Provider Relations Coordinator

On June 2, 2014, CMS posted a brief update on its Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program website announcing the creation of a “Provider Relations Coordinator” position within CMS.  The announcement states that the role of the Provider Relations Coordinator will be to “help increase program transparency and offer more efficient resolutions to providers affected by the medical review process,” but offers no other details as to the duties or job function of the Provider Relations Coordinator. 

Latesha Walker will serve as the Program Relations Coordinator and may be contacted by email at RAC@cms.hhs.gov (for RAC issues) and at MedicareMedicalReview@cms.hhs.gov (for MAC issues).